The Application of Penis Extenders For Male Enhancement

Penis enlargement refers to a set of methods used to increase the diameter and length, or stiffness (erection) of the penis. Learn about ways to increase your penis size using penis extenders.

Many men believe that the bigger the penis, the more pleasure their partner has during intercourse. While this is a misconception. What plays a major role in this regard is the behavior and personality of the man and the mutual feelings that exist between husband and wife.

The range of techniques available ranges from penis extenders to stretching and weight lifting machines and surgery. These practices have been associated with different reports of success and failure around the world. While the harmfulness of some methods is well known, others can be somewhat effective. Often in the advertising of counterfeit products, the difference between temporary resizing, erection and permanent resizing is intentionally confused.

Little forensic research has been done specifically on non-surgical volume augmentation. The existence of significant claims and a constant increase in volume is generally within the scope of the claim, and none of them have been confirmed through scientific research and can be based on the interests and emotions of the source of the claim.

At present, there is no way to permanently increase the thickness or length of a normal penis without surgery. Some general research has been done on the safety and efficacy (or ineffectiveness) of various drugs or quasi-pharmacological preparations, but so far no substance has been developed that would give rise to the mainstream drug for each of them.

Surgery to increase penis size:

In 1984, a type of penis enlargement surgery was invented. In this operation, the part of the penis that is inside the body and attached to the pelvic bone is released out of the person’s body. In this surgery, a small incision is made in the pubic area and by cutting the suspension ligament, the penis is separated from the pelvis and a small testicular prosthesis is placed between the root of the penis and the bone to prevent the penis from reattaching to the bone. .

Gel for increasing the size of the penis

The geling method has been used for a long time. This method is called as the most common method of increasing the size of Penis Extender.

This operation should be done at night before going to bed to have the most efficiency. After performing the geling operation in a few days, you will see an increase in the size of your genitals.

The remarkable thing about this is that increasing the size of the penis with a gelling massage will be permanent even if the gelling is no longer performed.

Increase the size of the genitals with turmeric massage

You may not have heard of penis enlargement with turmeric! Turmeric with its extraordinary properties has been used since ancient times until today. Indian and Greek physicians have mentioned turmeric as a spice in traditional medicine that increases the length of the penis. In order to achieve results faster along with the above methods, massage your penis with rosehip. The effects of this herbal medicine can be seen in the shortest possible time.

Penis enlargement, fat injection

Using this method, surgeons remove the body fat by liposuction and inject it into the body of the penis using a syringe. In this method, you will probably experience an increase of about 1 inch in length and circumference of the penis. The result is not permanent and you will return to your original size after a while. Of course, the Penis Extender method is also associated with complications.

Deadly devices are devices that men can wear under their clothes during the day to gradually pull the penis.

Some experts believe that these devices may be effective, but other experts believe that the use of these devices is not worth the inconvenience and possible allergies in the future.

Research in this area has not provided a strong answer, in addition to using these devices during the day on the most sensitive part of the body is by no means easy.

Increase penis length by using pills and supplements

Contains pills, supplements and ointments that are widely introduced on the Internet to increase the length of the male reproductive system. However, some of these products contain harmful substances and many have not been tested for safety and side effects, and the effectiveness of any of these products has not been proven.

Increase penis length by Penis Extender

Using a traction device also known as Penis Extender is another method that studies have been done to confirm the results, and in some cases he is doing it. One of these is the pPenis Extender, known as the men’s vacuum extender. The extender consists of a cylinder, a tube, and is placed on the penis. The main purpose of this device is to create an erection in men, but there is evidence that the length of the penis increases with regular use of this device.

Increase the length of the device with physical methods

Includes stretching exercises performed by the individual’s own hand. In this case, the person holds the penis and massages its tissues longitudinally. This reciprocating motion of the hand makes the skin tissue more open and blood circulation is easier. This process causes some of the penile tissues to grow over time, resulting in enlargement of the penis.

Penile Extender devices may also be done transversely, which is used to increase the size of the penis. In this case, pulling the penis is torsional and the focus of the massage is more on the transverse tissues of the penis.

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